Scanning Services

Our document scanning service and data capture systems will improve your business processes, eliminate manually intensive tasks, improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and ensure compliance by controlling information from point of entry through to archiving in an accurate, timely, and secure manner. Our services include:

* Document Scanning

* Invoice Scanning and Processing

* Data Capture

* Microfilm and Microfiche

* Document Conversion

* Book Scanning

* Drawing Scanning




On-Site And Off-Site Scanning


Ecopapyrus is a professional document management company that specializes in providing multiple industries with advanced options in document management services.

Our cost-effective solutions include Onsite and Offsite document scanning services, document conversion services, and document management services delivered on a timely basis.


On-Site Document Scanning Services

Our On-Site Document Scanning Services were designed for customers whose document collection cannot leave the premises due to security reasons.  An Ecopapyrus document scanning specialists will travel to your location, set-up our document imaging equipment, and scan your documents in a timely and unobtrusive manner.


Off-Site Document Imaging Solutions

Ecopapyrus's all-inclusive document transport, storage, and disposal services can significantly reduce your document storage burden and free up large areas of your premises.  Your documents are in safe hands with Ecopapyrus, where security and efficient archive management are of the highest priority.

We use our own vehicles and drivers whenever we collect and move your documents, enabling a far greater level of control over their security and whereabouts during transition between premises.  This means your documents will be delivered directly to their destination, without spending the night in a courier's warehouse.   They will also be stored in fireproofed and weatherproofed racked containers in a modern warehouse keeping them safe from the elements and very easily retrievable.

Ecopapyrus maintains strict accountability over the document conversion process. After your documents are organized, our operators will customize a process that uniquely fits your company's requirements for data conversion.  All files are accurately and efficiently converted into electronic information.


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