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Ecopapyrus’s services allow all businesses, no matter the size or industry, to significantly improve and accelerate operations while reducing costs through use of our effective document processing and language translation solutions.  Below are some specific examples of industries we support.





We help government organizations to achieve the highest levels of security, reliability, scalability, and efficiency by automating document-driven business processes and eliminating manual labor.  



Eco Papyrus provides document scanning services in a secure digital format and disaster recover options designed specifically to assist financial organizations in complying with the number of regulatory requirements they face under such laws as the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act.  Our services assist the financial industry with the:

* Management of a high volume  of documents including contracts, invoices, credit card applications, mortgage papers, loan documents, financial statements, explanation of payments (EOPs), credit notes, etc.

* Complicated structure of financial documents including multi-paging, various accompanying attachments, and different sized documents

* Organization of multiple branch offices




The services of Eco Papyrus allow customers to deliver insurance services in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner by implementing automated processing of insurance-related documents. These services:

*Ease the management of a high volume of documents such as claim forms, contracts, explanations of benefits (EOBs), and other insurance documents

*Provide a product that is in compliance with regulation requirements

*Allow increased speed in responding to policyholder needs

*Enable long-term centralized archiving of insurance-related documents

*Assist in gaining a major edge over competition


Eco Papyrus provides scanning and document management services which offer a cost-effective solution for handling the large volumes of paperwork often involved in the legal industry.  The conventional approach, involving photocopying and distributing paper documents, is both inefficient and time consuming.  Our services also greatly reduce the time spent on the assessment and discovery processes within litigation and therefore reduce overall case costs significantly.  Eco Papyrus' services allow law firms and legal organizations to:

*Easily manage a high volume of legal documents including pleadings, forms, contracts, correspondence, and evidence

*Maintain compliance with professional responsibility regulations and discovery requests

*Quickly search for and remotely access documents

*Archive enormous client files using a tiny amount of space

*Conduct internal investigations, conflict searches, and audits with ease

*Access and manage document sharing among multiple office locations


Eco Papyrus understands the importance of IT advances and compliance with government regulations within the healthcare industry.  Our secure bar coded system tracks medical records through every stage of the conversion process, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your records from collection to the safe return of their electronic equivalents.

This system allows our clients to deliver a superior level of medical treatment, accelerate drug discovery, and assure regulatory compliance through:

*the automated and accurate processing and archiving of various medical and pharmacy documents including clinical examination and registration forms, medical prescriptions, and explanations of benefits (EOBs)

*enabling remote access to patient medical records

*the elimination of labor and time intensive manual entry operations


The use of Eco Papyrus's services allows educational organizations to reduce costs and maintain compliance with government regulations while increasing efficiency through:

*electronic access to educational documents including applications, test scores, reports, transcripts, and letters of reference

*the coordination and uniformity of processes across multiple locations

*the elimination of labor and time intensive manual entry operations



Eco Papyrus assists companies in the transportation industry to establish efficient and cost effective operations and transactions by:

*implementing automated and accurate processing and archiving various shipping documents including waybills, custom declarations, delivery notes, contracts, and correspondence.

*storing and converting massive amounts of data and documents into easily managed systems

*enabling timely transactions and other crucial business operation

*increasing the accuracy of financial data

*enhancing financial reporting capabilities


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