Eco Papyrus Document Scanning Process

Eco Papyrus uses a simple, secure server-based document scanning process designed to minimizes errors and provide you with quality scans. We use the top of the line scanner (Kodak and Canon) and can handle mid to high-volume processing. Here is how our process works:

  1. Documents are prepared for scanning (removing staple, classify documents, etc…)
  2. Two physical counts of the pages are performed using a paper counting machine and group by 30
  3. Documents are scanned (30 pages at the time) using the best OCR available (Kodak Capture pro)
  4. The output of the scanned pages is displayed on the screen and compared to the physical for accuracy.
  5. Scanned documents are indexed and a quality check is finally performed to ensure that the best work is presented to you

Below is a diagram that explains how our server-based solution works:


How Paperless Offices Save the Earth

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