Company Overview



Eco Papyrus is a professional document management company that specializes in providing multiple industries with advanced options in document management services. The founders of Eco Papyrus derive their experience from a combined twenty years as Engineers in the Information Technology field. They developed a business model that sets them apart from the competition with its price structure and document scanning process. Eco Papyrus provides electronic document scanning and data capture solutions and services that automate and replace inefficient manual document based processes. Our document scanning solutions and services enable organizations to digitally capture, process, manage, retrieve, and share business critical documents, archives, and information across the entire organization.

There are many benefits with a paperless office including:

* Cost reduction and quick access to information
* Space availability: One 100GB disk drive holds the information contained in 110 four-drawer filing cabinets
* Document security and easy information sharing: Password protection at different levels limits and secures access to information


Our Mission


Our mission is to allow local businesses’ to contribute to making Seattle the greenest city in the world and realize the advantages of “going green”. These advantages include saving:

* The environment

* Money

* Resources

* Time


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